Blender Sightings: Today German IX-Magazine (September 09)

Hi fellow people,

may i’ve seen a peace of blender in my favourite german professional IT magazine, that i quite like (a lot)? Maybe some of you have seen it yesterday.

It’s a plane with a wave-mod and a blender-typical voronoi texture, see attachment.

thanks for your help in the modelliing forum.

DjangoMudney from PowStudios

and here is the scan… moment… why cant i post pictures here…? sorry… =(

EDIT: SORRY… <quote>You may not post attachments</quote> (??)

here it (may) go

Well who knows. Could be every other 3D app, too. I’m waiting for a sarcastic endi post ;D! You could send them an email. (Vielleicht antwoten sie ja darauf :P)

what’s that? a sarcastic what? whould(h) like to know… =)

Maybe you will see. Basically it’s just a post from endi :D.