Blender simple workflow possible?

How are you guys doing research with workflows with blender
my initial test what I want to do, a simple work process between 3 people for the following tasks

  • artist 01 modeling
  • artist 02 rigging/skin
  • artist 03 shading

The idea is to see how the modeling can generate an initial model, that the rigging can use for testing and that it can update the final version when it is finished

in alembic theory it can help but it seems that there are limitations in that sense. if you have any ideas please let me know

That depends on personal preference, but make a folder on your computer for each task and then share the folder with the others. Just make sure that each user has a read and write permission. This is the way I did it anyway.

What I raise is more complex.
taking an example of autodesk maya

Modeling = -> Rigging

this way I can update the and the rigging artist can continue with his work