Blender Sites Link Trade

I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade links from our sites to make them more easily accessible. It would work with both webmasters mutally agreeing to place a link to the others on their own site. This would increase traffic on both sites and help people find the information they need.
Just wondering if anyone is interested.

What do you mean? Are you saing that Blender and/or elYsiun should have links to other sites that feature Blender stuff? How would that affect bandwidth? I think it is a pretty good idea actually. But, on, it is already done. Here at elYsiun, I don’t know. But, yes, have a thread that says “Blender Artist Sites” or the like. People would come and put thier sites, and only if something that had to do with Blender was in it. Like artwork, tutorials, and such.

Yeah that would work too. What I intended was that ones personal blender site would have a links page that includes links to others sites which in turn would link back to the first site. That way one could click on a link in one site and go to another. used to have one, and it generated a lot of traffic.

it was removed, afaik, when it was redesigned.