Blender Skin (Beta) "New Blender Tool"

Blender Skin (Beta)
New Snapshots are not available at the time being.
Snap shots:

View_1 << Load Screen.
View_2 << Skinned with no blender file.
View_3 << Skinned with blender file embedded.

Very old screen shot :

Download Links :
Download Link_1

Before use :
The .zip Should come with a Read Me.txt file. Please read and follow the steps before the use of this tool.

System :
This tool will only work on Windows XP No Vista or system lower then XP.

Other :
Please post here any problems you may be having with this tool. And if it looks like the tool has frozen once it hits the loading screen please give it up to 5 minutes if more then end task it.

If the Read Me file is not making scene please post questions, or errors here.

If you know of any better hosts. Please post them here.

Please Note that this tool is still far from done. This will judge if weather I should continue this project or end it.

About the tool :
There is not much to say about this tool. It is just an app that allows you to embed your blender game into it and skin it etc… Please view the screen shots to see what I mean. New screen shots will be uploaded when I have time. Please read the second post of mine on this thread for more information on what this tool is used for.

Thank you for your interest in this tool ~ From Death.

And Remember Keep On Blendering BlenderHeads !!! :cool:

The screen shot won’t seem to load…

As Captain Oblivion stated, the screenshot doesn’t work.

What does this actually do? “skinning” is kind of ambiguous. Does it apply some sort of material to look like human skin? Does it take some sort of texture and automatically apply it in a predefined way to an object? How is this related to the gameengine? You need a lot more explanation.

As for better hosts… if the file is a blend file under 1mb you can upload it to your post. Otherwise, putfile is a good one.


huh. it took forever to load, but finnally did. So this makes your game play in a blender symbol window? That’s pretty dope :smiley: i don’t know how i’d use it, but cool :smiley:

Hey Sammaron : Haha ya it does like to take it’s time in loading. But it’s pretty neat once it does and you can fool around with the bitmap file and make it into any type of symbol, or shape you want the window and your game file to be. But the bigger the bitmap image the longer it’d take to load. lol But if it’s not useful it’s still pretty fun to fool around with ^^.

Hey Captain Oblivion : It will take some time for it to load up between 1 - 5 minutes depending on your mechaine and bitmap image size.

TheSambassador : What this does is say you just finished saving your game as runtime. So now that you run your game it will start up in the defualt window witch will load as a square shaped box. This app allows you to change that into any kind of design weather it would just be a basic shape like circular shaped window or a bird designed window shape with your game in it. Considering your game is in the same folder named Testing. Allowing my app to embed it into itself. This is cool if you want to play your game or what not in a circular window shaped design or a customed window design. This can be kinda usefull for main menus. I am going to be adding on to this new fetures will be updating this thread when I can.

I hope I explained well.

~ Thank you From Death.

And Remember keep on Blendering BlenderHeads :cool:

Sounds cool, but when ever you do upload pictures I won’t be able to see them because of the host. :frowning:

what a great idea! I love it already.

great project there …