Blender "skips" frames

Hey all,

I just upgraded my computer, and due to the amount of RAM I have and the fact that I game I’m using Vista 64bit edition. As there’s no Windows 64bit version of Blender out, I have to use a 32 bit version.

Currently, whenever I do anything that moves (rotating a view, moving an object, running a game, moving a menu (non-3d) panel, etc.) it will go smooth as butter and then stutter, kind of “skipping” a few frames. This video sums it up:

This happens every few seconds, and is annoying as hell. All of my other apps are running fine… is this a computability issue? Anybody else running Vista 64bit?


looks like a your pc is lagging every few seconds, i had that too, it was due to the fact that my HDD magically switched from UDMA mode to PIO.

it also might have something to do with some settings in Vista that reduce system performance, like the processor or hdd shutting down every few seconds (energy reduction? speedstep?)

its definately not blenders fault, do you experience it with other apps too? like video playback? might be the graphic drivers also.

Nope, this is a 100% isolated blender-only issue. I run Crysis on Ultra-High smooth as butter, but Blender has to stutter all the time. I’ve also tried running as administrator, which did nothing, and running in XP compatibility mode, which just made the program really, really slow.

yes, this happens for me too…the latest SVN version of the 64 bit Blender
skips every few minutes a 10-20 second halt under Ubuntu 8.04 - Compiz.

This only happens during modelling though…

It’s annoying - never happened before, but yes - confirmed!
Please submit a bug tracker report.

Vista wraps OpenGL around directX. So GL applications will be slower.

It really isn’t that simple. First of all, it isn’t just “slower,” while it’s actually going it’s REALLY smooth. It’s just the “choppiness” which has issues.

If that were the case, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars would be doing the same thing (it uses OpenGL). Also, I don’t THINK I had the problem when I had 32 bit Vista installed, but I can’t remember testing it.

Also, remember that I’m not running a 64 bit version of blender, and I tried an older copy (2.43) to see how that’d run, and it did the same thing. Any ideas?

Bull. OpenGL is a fully top level (however you want to name it) citizen in Vista, just like Direct3D is.
(Microsoft didn’t want to make it like that at first, but they did when people complained, afaik)

Using a driver from the vendor of your graphics card, every GL command is handled by the driver and commands are send to the graphics card without any use of D3D.

The only exception is the buffered window, which is used by D3D (after GL rendered into it) to composite the desktop when DWM is enabled.

Please do turn off Compiz and all other non-essential graphic gizmos, then try blender again and see if the problem persists.

The same goes for Vista machines: turn off all goodies like the 3d flip, aero, etc. (so that it looks like a windows 2000 machine again). Then test again and see if problem persists.

Do report back.


Hi Nathan,

Just “killed” Compiz and the problem are there still, it’s very easy to retrace…just
move vertexes around for a while…model a little…and you’ll notice it. It’s a showstopper :confused:

I’ve placed the system monitor on top to see which process “hangs” the system - and yes…the culprit is Blender (process halts to 100% cpu use and then rushes back to 0-1 %)

I use Blender and Compiz every waking day of my life - so this issue is new…and I compile from SVN as usual.
Doesn’t occur at work though where we use windows XP (32 bit) …the official 2.46 release works just fine there.

Tried disabling everything (including Aero) with no results. Does anybody else have 64bit Vista running that they could try and reproduce this?

Also, my specs are:
Intel E8400 3ghz Core 2 Duo
4gb DDR800
BFG OC Geforce 8800 GT 512mb
Some Gigabyte Mobo.

Hmm, so this happens on 64bit OSes only? Too bad that I don’t have a 64bit Vista, nor 64bit Linux, otherwise I could investigate more. Genscher has been working on building 64bit versions of our dependencies on Windows, so maybe we might have soonish some (test-)builds available. But as said, unfortunately I don’t have 64bit Vista yet (I’m still open for donations!)


i already posted this some time ago,
there are live-CDs available from ubuntu with blender included.

This means (for those who do not understand and dont want to lookup the contents)
you are able to boot your computer from this CD/DVD
(if you know how to enable booting from this device)
and get a full running system without any harddisk-install.

last, ubuntu is not the only distribution with live-CDs, one famous is knoppix,
there are others, but i only know for shure about the last 3 ubuntu versions, where blender
was included in the live-system.
You can download the 32bit or 64bit versions, burn to CD/DVD and try it.
The only backdraw is, there is always only an older blender version.
It is blender-2.45 on ubuntu 8.04, and you do not have hardware-acceleration
for 3D-editing at default, but it is enough to compare to your current problems
and to check.

I don’t have use for an Ubuntu live CD if I need to test the Windows builds I do.

I really know already what live-cds are and the likes, I just can’t be bothered booting out of Windows, I’m one of our Windows platform maintainers after all.

Rebooting is just too painful an operation, I’d rather have an extra 64bit box that runs Linux all the time instead (donations accepted here, too!). And that’d be Kubuntu for me, thank you.


I know one other person PMed me with having the same issue. Should I submit a bug report on this? Does anybody else have any ideas?

That must be annoying as hell. Something like that is very much a show stopper. Hope it gets fixed before I move to a 64 bit system. Jeeze.

Im running 64 bit hardy, and have had no problems whatsoever. I compiled blender myself so maby that solved the problem?

I’m on 64 Bit Vista Home Premium, no problems running Blender. I did use to have a problem with the hard drives turning off every 30 seconds or so, which would cause everything to freeze for a second until the HDD spun up to speed, (and I mean EVERYTHING, not just Blender would freeze) but I changed the settings to never shut off the HDD and now it runs as smoothly as silk.

Roofoo, what’re your computer specs? And are you running a version of Blender you built yourself, or just the default windows version that’s online?

I have the same issue and its possible that you are talking about me… i messaged you a while back asking about it. its super annoying. maybe even super-duper!

from what i have been able to glean from my perusal of the interweb… it may have something to do with your graphics card… i’m running a BFG 8800GT OC2 (factory overclocked) i seem to recall seeing some info about 8 series GeForce cards not liking blender.

unfortunately i cant recall where i saw it… something to do with how those cards handle Open GL or some such… (as you may have guessed… im not a tech wizard), or maybe it was the Nvidia drivers

im hoping its not the cards or drivers of said cards.

but since there are several people who run 32 bit blender on 64 bit vista without issues im inclined to think it may be hardware specific troubles.

however that being said. im loathe to go grab a newer card like a GTX260 or GTX280 incase the issue persists and in fact was caused by something else entirely. (although it would be a great excuse to pick up a better videocard :wink:

no its not the 8 series that is the problem i was running 64bit vista for a very long time with 2 8800GT’s and i never had the problem that you guys are describing.