Blender Skype group?

Hello everyone,

I’d like to ask if anyone would be interested in forming a Blender/CG Skype group, as I do like being a part of groups that post their latest works, and also give feedback on other’s projects. If anyone thinks this is a good idea, please say so down below. If enough people respond, I will make a Skype group, and you can PM your usernames to me, and I’ll add you.

If there is already something similar to what I’m droning about that I’m not aware of, please tell me.


let’s do a telegram group, it’s open source fast, and cool and has windows, mac, linux, ios, android apps.

There have been a number of threads on this in the past. That may be the first best place to look.

I’m the founder of the MODO Slack User Group and Slack has proven to be a lot more clean, efficient and functional for the types of group conversations we need than Telegram or Skype.

There are also open source alternatives to Slack now:
I haven’t tried any of those myself but Slack is extremely solid for work group conversations including features like intuitive and visually pleasing embedding of image and video content, file sharing via Google Drive, Dropbox and many other cloud storage options, code formatting and colour highlighting and many other useful aspects.

Also available in-browser and as Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux and even Windows Phone apps.

I like Telegram and use it often but it gets pretty messy and confusing with more than a couple of people. Slack (and I assume its FOSS competitors) stays very clean and manageable by comparison.

Here are two screenshots from our MODO User Group:

Just for your consideration. :slight_smile:


Would be interested too … Doesnt matter which plattform :wink:

Well, anyone who’s interested is more than welcome to join (as PixelRCFilms already did) and join our #blender channel in there. We can then talk about where we go from there. :slight_smile:

+1 for telegram…

No comment.

Ok … i like Slack so far :slight_smile:
But i would like a Team where we are not focused on a Software Package.

Who would join a software independant Team which obviously will have also a blender chatroom :wink:

I’d be up for a software-agnostic group. What would be the common community theme though? Just “CGI”?


Was just going to mention you…

What ever happened to this ?