Blender Slackware users help

Hello, i am asking for help from any slackware users, 11.0 users mostly, but if you can help thank you in advance.

I am having some trouble compiling blender with working fuild support. If you read these thread you will know a bit more and,
but here is what I am asking from the Slack users,
please post or send me a copy of your blender and if you have the fuild sim working, tell me how you have your system setup.

I would send in a bug report, but first i must try to fix it my self and with your help and let the Blender Developers continue working with out me bothering them until i have to.

Any and all help welcomed.
Thank you.

Update, I fixed the problem, The case of it all was OpenExr, What that has to do with fluids, I do not know. Maybe some can tell me how they are related.

I update OpenExr and compiled and now blender works.

This thread can now be locked, and forgoten, until some can explains how fluids relates to OpenExr.