blender slogan?

is there one? if not, i think there should be one
something like “YOUR IMAGINATION IS DUE” or something like that
although slogans does not seem like they would have an impact, it gives a positive influence
if there isn’t one, where can i suggest the blender people to have one?
all for the better of blender

“Blender…some of us actually make art with this thing!”

“Your Own 3D Software” has been a running one for a few years now.

A couple years ago when Autodesk did they’re “Don’t Blend In” banner at SIGGRAPH, someone (can’t remember who) jokingly suggested “Blend In, Max Out”.

Personally, though… I like Vicky’s idea.

Blend out of the crowd.

“Blender----The Wiser Artist’s Alternative”

I know it´s old, … and it´s Apple (I am not a fanboy, been using Linux mainly, then Apple for years, Now back on Windows)

but that apple commercial always breathed Blender for me. Personally. Also liked @VickyM72 suggestion!

and “Blend in, Max out” draw my mind to Timothy Leary´s quote “Turn on, tune in, drop out” a bit psycadeliq… maybe mix node it with the previously mentioned and get this. “Turn on, blend in, max out”

… “the right click selects, in a left click world”

how about "Blender - FUCK AUTODéSK "

joke aside, yeah what @Fweeb said. Ton has been saying this motto for a while now, he is not only saying it but also practicing it. Blender Network is a system created by this motto.

"With Blender3D, there’s no need to ask, ‘Will it blend?’ " :stuck_out_tongue:

Made by users for users.

i personally think that “your own 3d software” is a very bad idea; i mean, blender is not the only one that is open source, the others might not be as good, but how are the new comers suppose to know? and i mean, “your own 3d software” is too much of a blend in (no pun intended) but i mean seriously, i’ve like looked at the new webpage with those 4 biggest words and still, i didn’t knew it was a slogan; i mean, if you are putting a banner saying “your own 3d software” people who see it would most probably say “pf… who cares!” but if you put something more addressed directly to the audience then people would turn towards you, they still wouldn’t look at your product, but that’s a a start to some people;
all in all, i think “your own 3d software” is not bad but it’s not good enough! i mean it’s such a blend-in to the advantages list and not a slogan, AND it’s long, it’s 6 pronounces long, the rule about good slogan(most of the time) don’t go over 5, some thing like “your change is due” would attract people’s attention more, because it’s addressed directly and it has more of the BAM feel to it

Some of these comments really help reinforce that idea that if you use blender you are not some how part of the 3d field that includes other professional applications, that blender has to some how be different (almost elitist). That is totally the wrong message to send, and Im surprised some of you havent gotten that memo yet.

What Blender is, is liberating. Its free and in freedom, no major licensing restriction on how you use it (outside of the GPL). Its software open software with an open community. Thats the message that needs to keep being reinforced in my opinion, not that its for its own people, or haters of X software, or evil commercial applications… If blender is going to grow up, I hope so too will the community.

this is one of my favorite adverts with one of the best lines said

like nike, “just do it!” do what?
dewar, “live true” what is that related to beer?
apple “The Computer for the rest of us” clearly it’s NOT by the price tag
but it’s better to be related, but don’t get too all into it,
so if i quote from sainthaven, sure, one of the main point is freedom; but how are the people that have never used blender suppose to know? THEY DON’T

Thats where marketing comes into play, including, this very subject. A slogan, informative website and a community that really helps sell that impression.

i don’t a person just wondered into the blender sight is gonna understand the freedom; people usually look at the pricing of a product after looking at the product, i’m sure if you was to buy a fruit in a market, you would check out the prices then compare the freshness of it, you check the freshness, then ask the price then compare;

If you’re only thinking about the price then you’re missing at least half of the concept.

come… blend in :smiley:

The fallacy of that is that theres a difference between a tool thats used, an interactive piece of software, something that limits what you can and cannot do… and a piece of fruit, which you eat and poop out later. Price also isnt what defines or should define Blender. There is actually a negative stigma associated with cheaper or free products and services, so that line of thought can do just as much to push people away as bring them in.

See, the key for getting anyone interested via a marketing campaign, or even slogan, is to illicit an emotional response. This means the viewer becomes interested in whats being presented, it had an effect for good or for bad. You dont need to fit everything a tool is about within a tag line, it helps to give a general impression or a general emotion. The key is that just as a motto or tagline can be used for a good reaction, it can also be used for bad one. Many of which, can also become the end of a joke.

There are some hints in the video. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol @ Light Bwk, that is awesome!!

@lightbwk, you really didn’t dub that dialogue in? How is this not playing on

and another suggestion:
“It’s not smooth until it’s been Blended!”
I can visualize a sort of spoof of seventies liquor and cigarette ads - but with a sci-fi twist and a discreet Blender logo. Would that be against the proper use guidelines I read…

I wonder if we should start an informal competition of Blender ads…! It would be one way to get away from so many complaint threads into something positive.