Blender slow after adding and editing new object to scene, even after object deletion

I have a humanoid figure. I added a primitive cone above the head. Then I modified it in sculpt mode with dynamic topology on.

Then I noticed Blender slowed way down, making my session useless.

So I deleted the sculpted cone object, hoping the file size would become manageable for Blender again.

This did not work. Blender still handles the file with big lags and ignores commands.

I can only guess that Blender has preserved the sculpted cone in its “undo” history or something.

So I tried saving the file without the sculpted cone and closing the file, closing Blender, restarting Blender, and reloading the file. Still slow.

So I tried saving the file as a new named file and restarting to open the new file. Still slow.

Anybody know what’s going on and how to fix my problem?

Hmmmmm not too sure. When you open up a blank blender file it works smoothly? If so I would just open a new file > go to the top and select file > append > and then find your blend file with the humanoid figure and then append the humanoid figure to your new blend scene. Let me know if that works for you.

Thanks for your help, Blender_Mania.

Yes, the default loaded Blender file works fine. So I tried the appending method.

When I selected append on the menu and chose the problem file, I was then presented with a nested structure of the file from which I could then select specific parts of the file to append.

This confused me. Was I somehow supposed to select all items?

Well, I took a guess. I appended the Scene, since that appears to be the parent of all the other relevant parts of the file.

That seemed to work just fine. Blender handles the append version of the file just great.

But the append version of my file now has 2 scenes in it. The original blank Scene, and the appended-into-it scene (called “Scene 001” of course).

Will the blank scene be a problem for me down the road? If I need to delete it, is there a way to delete it?