Blender slow when editing object

Hello. I’m having some performance problems in the render viewport with a model I got from Turbosquid. Panning and moving the camera in the viewport works fine, however operations with the model such as moving the position, moving a pose, weightpainting, sculpting,… is very sluggish and unresponsive, eg when I drag the model elsewhere it takes 2-3 seconds for the viewport to respond. It doesn’t sound like much but repositioning or sculpting something at 0.5 FPS is as you can imagine frustrating.

When I decimate the model, then I can get it to work smoothly but I don’t really want to decimate the model.

The scene is 71k vertices/faces according to the statistics, so not low-poly but (at least in my opinion) also not detailed in a needlessly exagerated manner. My PC specs are Intel i7 9700K, 32Gb RAM and Geforce RTX 3070
However when I look in the taskmanager when I’m manipulating the object, the resources aren’t being used used up too much. I feel like there is something wrong with the model but I can’t figure out what to do about it (beside decimating it to much lower poly)

Do you have any modifiers on the object?

Oh yes it does. One is called armature, removing it makes the model take up the ‘rest’ position.
Another is called multires. When I remove this one the model becomes less poly and the stats go to 18k verts/faces, however it’s still just as sluggish to move it around, i tried saving the blend file like that with the modifier deleted and reopening it.

EDIT: although I think the problem is something else than the amount of verts. Because I have a decimated version that’s 41k verts/faces and that one became smooth.

To rule things out how much disk space do you have and can you check disk utilization (read/write)

It’s probably the multi res. How many subdivisions do you have ? Save the file as a new name, delete the multi res (don’t just disable) and then see. If you have subdivisions beyond 3 or 4 you should delete them.

Yes you are right. The modifiers were causing the problem. I deleted the one that adds extra subdivisions, and also turned off the particles for hair and now its behaving normally. Thanks!