Blender slowdown


I’m running blender 2.37 (thought the same problem is with 2.36) on windows xp. (2.8Ghz P4/Radeon 9800Pro). And the more i use it, the slower it gets.
When I first open it, it’s lightning fast, even really complex models are no problem. After 10-15 minutes of work though, it slows down to a point where it’s hardly useable and I have to restart it. It seems like a memory leak, or maybe it’s the undo levels, i’m going to try lowering that, though I’d like to have the deafult number.

Anyone else have the same problem or is it just me?

try this, it might help


this seems to be a problem going back to 2002. It still wasnt fixed??

different versions of ati’s drivers may or may not work

I have a radeon 9600, and the 5.4 drivers are working fine

it is very odd to me that people with other new cards are having problems…