Blender Slowdown...

I just got a new machine with awesome specs:

3.07 Ghz, 384 Mb RAM, and ATI Radeon XPress 200.

The only bad thing about it is that when I reinstalled Blender, blender slowed down to a crawl when I tried to load a file, UV map something, or work with the buttons. Does anybody know how to fix this?

For people who the above solution leads to Blender crash at start up
Thanks to Xenobius at Blenderartists Forum

This solution is tested on ATI radeon express 200 (x200) integrated video card. However it should work on other ATI card.

Download the Nvidia 53.03 Driver HERE

Extract the driver to C:\NVIDIA

Copy the nvoglnt.dll from the C:\NVIDIA folder to your blender program folder (ie. C:\Programs Files\Blender 2.40)

Rename nvoglnt.dll (the one in the blender program folder) to atioglxx.dll

Run blender…Viola! Blender runs like it should!