Blender slows down insanely when in pose mode......

I just finished rigging the mech that I posted in WIP
Everything was going fne, until I got ready to actualy start animating it. Whenever I enter pose mode, blender slows down INSANELY. There’s about a 10 second delay to just select something :open_mouth: Even to just exit pose mode takes about 10 seconds.
Yet everything runs fine when doing anything else.
And no I do not have a ATI card.

How many bones are there? What gfx card do you have? I need to know these things to help you.

Sorry. It’s just the built in gfx card in a old flatscreen imac. But I think it’s a geforce mx 2 or something. And there’s about 20 bones. But that’s deffently not the problem, since one of my previous projects had 74, and it didn’t have this problem.

did you create vertex groups on the mesh? or have blender create them?

the autocreation method which doesn’t create vertex groups is incredibly slow

however, I thought it was deprecitated in 2.25, why would it still exist?