blender slows down when posing

Yeah… Like it says, my blender slows down like hell when it comes to posing. It never happened before, but suddenly it happened. I don’t understand. It’s like under 30MB but it does. So, I thought, ‘perhaps my GPU does not support blender?’
so I went to my gaming computer and tried it, but still doesn’t work. Why is this happening? I need to finish my project until 5/3.

Here are my specs

First computer

CPU i7 ivy bridge 3.1ghz to 3.8ghz
GPU quadro k4000m
memory 16GB

gaming computer

CPU i7 ivy bridge 3.8ghz to 4.1 ghz
GPU GTX titan
memory 24GB

I know this is not related to my computer specs, but just incase.

Sorry if this is way off base, but try limiting the modifiers seen in you mesh(s). This includes particles. The more the computer has to display the slower it is. This was particularly helpful to me when I was lip syncing.

Turn down Subsurf View value and disable Hair in Viewport. This might help a Bit.

amen to that, subsurf is the bane of armature modifiers, always drags my system to a crawl. I usually untick the “eye” icon on the modifiers panel when animating / posing. Its always nice to get full FPS when replaying animations in the viewport,

even if it looks oogly, it runs smoothly.