Blender slow's in pose mode.

Like in topic. In object or edit mode it’s all ok, but when i am in pose mode blender react much slower. And i have very simple characters. Those from blendswap (Elaine, Ed, Porl).
My PC specs:

Athlon x2 64 4200+, GeForce 9500GS, 3GB RAM, Win7 64, and Blender from Graphicall i always download the newest .

Any idea what’s is wrong or just my PC is too slow? Will it be better on ATI X1950 PRO?

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  1. Certain Modifiers can slow things down when posing – try turning off SubSurf, Mask, Solidify, and any others that generate additional mesh data when in effect
  2. Try window-shading any UI panes that display animation data, such as the Graph Editor and/or the Dope Sheet/Action Editor. You don’t have to close them, just drag them “Shut” so the keys or curves data is not on display.
  3. Limit objects displayed in the UI to only what’s needed to get your poses set. Use Solid display mode instead of Textured, Textured Solid, or GLSL settings.
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Maybe related, i noticed on the bug tracker this bug that was fixed yesterday :
So be sure to check if you have a -very recent- build of Blender (one that was built from today source by example) from graphicall or the buildbot and try to see if the problem continue to happen.

Just tried that Elaine character from the blendswap pack, on r50169 (win32 from the buildbot today) and i see no slowdown in Pose mode on my old computer, so it’s possible the problem you reported was indeed fixed by the bug that got squashed.
Or it could be the specific version of Blender you’re using (usually graphicall has lot of experimental builds, if you want just a compilled source code version with no experimental thing, try the buildbot)

Yeah! Fixed, now can I work. THX for the tips I must more often read bugtracker. Cheers!

very helpful bro, Thanks For This…