Blender Smoke Compositing and Simulation tests

This is a compilation of my tests with the Blender smoke simulation in the 2.5 svn.

I tried compositing it over video from my screen capture as well, and it worked quite well:

Let me know what you think!


Boo hiss, after effects!

I could never get the smoke to render. Otherwise, I would be doing the same as you. Only for a real movie…

A.) It was a test to see if it was possible. Not a movie :slight_smile: So it can’t be a fake movie as you were implying. Anyway, I wanted to test and see if it was possible to extract a simulation from the viewport and composite it before actually doing anything with it. I have to know I can do something before being able to use it in a “real movie.” I think I am going to end up using this method on a project at work actually :). It sure as heck looks better than using particles for smoke.

B.) You cannot render the smoke yet, you can only simulate it in the viewport, and there is no cache. I had to extract it from the viewport using a solid green plane backdrop and the blender screen capture feature. If you can simulate it, you can do exactly what I did :slight_smile: The only volume rendering SVN right now is somewhat unstable, and I’m not sure if you can render the smoke out yet. I couldn’t get it to work.

Hope this helps.


Yeah it works! Volumetric rendering is a bit slow though :wink: weve been spoiled with viewport

YES! :smiley:
Now all we need is caching :smiley:

Ah yes. Very true. However, I was implying that I would use it in a real movie right now. That is, if the smoke rendering worked. Not implying that your test was lame, because I do blender tests all the time.

nice smoking and composing :slight_smile:
i gotta try that smoke stuff out right now!

nicee! i gotta test that smoke simulator, seems awesome