Blender snapping woe

Hello, can anyone tell me if this is the default blender behavior? I’m trying to snap some objects to another object but the 3d cursor as pivot doesn’t seem to work as one would expect… (just like action centers in modo).

This is what I mean, video link:

Or can anyone tell me the correct workflow please :stuck_out_tongue: this is driving me nuts


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It doesn’t work as you assume.

The snapping element should be vertex or edge, and the snap target should be closest (default). That would snap the closest edges together.

You’ve set the snap target to active which would only work for that when moving the mesh of one object, not with multiple objects, by selecting one of the mesh elements as active when moving the whole mesh. When snapping an object, the active target is the object origin of the active object.

Setting 3D cursor pivot and snap target as center, it can use the 3D cursor position to set the offset when snapping. If it’s 0.1 Blender units off the surface of the closest face before snapping, it will leave a 0.1 BU gap between the moved object(s) and the selected edge.