Blender Soda commurcial

CG-Hi everybody

So I created this flashy soda commercial for a tutorial video.
The intro is also made with cycles.

I really curious to hear your thoughts

Here we go:

Nice style, but too much flashing.

way too many effects. the intro is better than the clip.

Learn basics and English first.
Continue adding your mind pollution.

I’m sorry you feel that way. Not everyone is good at the English language.
I’m trying to do my best.

too many “effects” unless you are trying for the 1970’s - `80’s “grindhouse” look
– think “Machete” and “Machete,kills”

I was inspired by the coca cola commercial. I just simulate the effects as well. ( maybe I exaggerate a little bit)
I can’t find the footage of that commurcial.

Then do tuts in your mother’s tongue and help local kids & adults achieve better results. You are not there yet. Get on with experience. See, as everyone wants to be popular by copying others they make a pollution. Everyone is going to end up a Heinz soup or in more modern example, as agent Smith - full of self = no different than other = 0.

For a fact i know that many would like to learn in dutch (Belgians also).
… take it slow and easy. Give more attention to beauty (detail) and stop making petty mistakes. You rush too much (OCD? Sugar?) and as such you make a bad appearance, as if not serious, a joke.

Well, what can I say. First of all, I don’t wanna start a fight. I respect your opinion as much as the others. But I can’t agree with you. I make tutorials with the intention to learn (new) blender users more about the software.

Second of all, I do not copy ANYONE’s content. Everything I make is researched by myself. I put allot of time and effort in making good tutorials. You can see that back in the comments. There are allot of positive comment. That’s a reason for me why I make them.

Also, I can agree “I’m not there jet”. But can you give me an example of a YouTuber that is? I don’t have to explain myself about my experience.

I’m just starting with making youtube tutorials. I have like 5 tutorials online. I have to figure out what works the best and what not. Everyone starts with making “bad” tutorials. I’m pretty sure allot off tutorial-channels you like have bad first videos too.

I hope you are satisfied with my answer (and the grammar:eyebrowlift:)

i like to see others work, even if it is not perfect, when somebody else learns something, presenting his or her work here and getting hints from others, i learn something too.

and i don´t care about anybodys english here, because this is not a site about english literature and geometry is international.