Blender Soft Bodies / Shaky Camera / Slow Parenting

I have created a Soft Body Ball Icosphere that is moved by a Servo Control Actuator. I parented a camera to it, but it is very shaky and not acceptable (I tried vertex parenting, too). Also I have not found a way to get Slow Parent to work. Furthermore I believe that the Collision Sensor does not work either.
Any help or hint is greatly appreciated.


exp.blend (147 KB)

Also I have not found a way to get Slow Parent to work.

have a look at my old tut then …

i hope this is useful .

All you have to do, to make slow parent work is to select the camera ,press F7 and do what the image says:

I’m also having problems with the camera shaking, Its not something i can live with, and its definitely not supposed to be doin this. It even does it when its following a rigid body, and also when its just parented to my soft body with no game logic. Is this a glitch with 2.48, or something thats happened before we can fix?

Thanks, I got Slow Parent to work, I must have made a mistake before. Still, I cant get the collision sensor to work with the Softbody.

@indecom400: The Shaking can be circumvented when using Slow Parent with an Offset of about 30, if that is an option for you.

I’ll try it again, but if i remember right, that doesnt work when you’re using the logic control for the camera.

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