Blender Sounds??

I have this idea to write a script so that there will be sounds in blender. I got this idea from hl2 when you mouse over a menu this cool sound plays… im sure you all know what im talking about. well I want to do that exact same thing in blender.
I have almost no coding knowledge so I was hoping some of you geniuses could help or actually do it.

Would I need to edit blenders actual source code or could I just write an external script??

Please help fellow blender buds.

Had this thought just the other day. But, after thinking, I concluded that it would get pretty annoying, to be honest.

Well thats true. Still wanna try it though.

well Geovoi: there are several ways you can do this first of all you you can get a tts external application to read texts or menu items when selected,copied

too bad blender doesn’t have built in handlers which the Microsoft narrator can access ,its primarily due to the ui being in python…

well if you want to go through hundreds of lines of codes under each event insert a onclick play wave command lol you can do that. easy as …

as for a python file heres a bit of code for ya:

wooasupeheromusicfile = “D:\Desktop\TalkToMeA_1.WAV” #just define a crapy sound files location already
sys.platform[:5] == “linux”: #thats right
import os
os.popen2("aplay -q " + wooasupeheromusicfile)#command to play the freaking file

save as a wooo. py and run it in blender

hey guys thanks for the help! i applied my sounds to windows xp and they were extremly annoying after about 2 hours… so you were right mr. padfoot