Blender soundsystem

Here’s a little stereo that I put together tonight. It’s one of those horrible sounding satellite/sub sets but I haven’t finished modelling the sub. I like the buttons, though. I don’t know what they do yet…

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After that shameless bump, I had the urge to work on this for a few minutes. Here is an update:

Make a realtime Model.

Don’t you dump that in my yard!

I’m sure it can get alittle restless when no one is saying anything to you once you’ve placed down a post… so I’ll give you what I think (being someone who’s going through the modeling/game manuals of blender, so can’t TELL you how to improve stuff… more my views)…

My first impression is… this isn’t a real stereo… I think it’s mainly the front display… it’s ruining the model, display letters are never that big, unless you’ve got bad eyesight or sit 40 meters away :slight_smile:

I love the speakers… you’ve got a nice material/texture on them… looking quite professional… are the screws and metal plates part of the mesh?

So you’ve got a good start… the knobs and the circular stands for the unit look fantastic too… so now after having a good look… improve the units material/texture… that top looks too smooth and fake… also the 2 phono plugs… … and that blasted display! yuck

I can’t remember where I saw this… but it was an effect you could get with halo effects I believe… if you kept your display texture as it is… what it does is breaks up so it looks like tiny lights are displaying instead of that boring flat look… maybe you could emit light from the display aswell to get a yellow hue… or something %|

Nice work though… I can honestly say I’d be happy if I could do that at this point in time :smiley:

burnhard: thank you! I haven’t posted to this forum for a long time and I thought that the feedback was always good when I did. But this time, sheesh… Thanks for the crits. I have almost addressed these in my .blend and I am working on a realtime model, too. I know about the LEDS. I thought about that the other night (how stupid of me to finish a WIP in under 2 hours). This is also just the head unit (cd player), the reciever comes later and it will be the same pentagon shape and stackable. Also i am modeling a subwoofer (you’ll notice that the speakers say 2.1).