Blender Source code Y is up instead of Z

Hello, I came across this thread by simplecarnival.
He states several points which are mostly covered here:

I´ll submit to you that every stereographer and 3d animator for the last 17 years (this excludes the experimental blender and wings 3d from 2001) has been working accostumed to “Y” is up. If you want to know why those reasons have plenty backup explanation, I´d encourage you to talk to an aeronaut (in a serious matter).

Back to the main thread:
simplecarnival mentions he switched the source code to point Y up. I´ve followed his code but I see nothing changing in my scene. Does anyone know if that source code only “re-layouts” the numpad calls to camera views? or was it even -remotely possible that “Y” is up, could be fixed on source code?

Please let´s remit answers to a code-only view.
Thank you.