Blender-source gurus, please help! No reaction on code changes

I cant figure out why there is no reaction on changes in “view3d_new” function in space_view3d.c file of blender’s source code…
I can even delete it completely, and blender still compiles without any error… In other spaces (i’v tried “space_logic”) it behave as it should. Please, guys, I really need to figure out whats wrong with that :frowning:

It is possible at that point python is taking over, have you tried to compile without python (‘Blender Headless’)?

Did you try to do a clean build? The build system might have missed to re-compile something…

I figured out that “view3d_new” function which basically creates space_view3d and regions for it is overridden by read from startup file (space subdivisions, region position etc). Even if you modify startup.blend so that view3d is not a default space, the info about its region subdivisions is still there and it overrides ‘view3d_new’ function in any case.
But i’v manage to get what i want by running some of ‘view3d_new’ functionality on user actions, like show\hide toolbar or flip header. Not very clever but at least it works ))