blender source

is there anyway to get the blender sources in a Visual Studio 6 format? I am unfamiliar with cvs’s and i would like to get a hold of the source codes, because i think i might see a see to compile blender with 64-bit windows machines in mind

There are visual studio 6 build files, not sure how to get it ‘into’ visual studio though.

See this page on building blender,

also you can stop by IRC and sometimes someone there can help you.


can vs6 compile for 64 bit machines?

if I recall you need at the least the vs2003 compilier to do that, preferably the vs2005 one.

[neither of which you need the actual project files for, you can build with the compilier of vs2003 or 2005 using scons]

still, you will have to get a cvs client [like cvs nt] to get the most recent version of the sources

[furthermore, blender doesn’t compile easily for 64 bit windows, I don’t think anybody has succeeded yet]

I think khughes has built for 64 bit linux recently (not the game engine though),