Blender sources and docs

I finaly caved and setup a build environment and built Blender sucessfully. Now I’am going through the code trying to understand the structure. One thing i notice is the lack of inline comments, is this by convention? I know its quite possible to bloat the source with being too verbose, but only way I can follow blender source is by backtracking function calls. I think there was a call for better docs, hows that suppose to work? I mean I usually comment the functions when I dabble in open source projects quite verbose for my own understanding, maybe that could be reviewed and used as is or extracted to wiki entries?

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Hi, I’m also reading the source code of Blender. There’re some articles on
And I suggest you could start from the main functiion in <folder of the source>/source/creator/creator.c

which setup do you have?? im trying to do a mingw32 setup and i have hit the dreaded “no disk in /dev/harddrive2…” error

(the fun part is i have an installed copy of VS 2010)

I’m currently in a process of trying to comprehend the 3d view manipulation, and add a small feature to the auto-depth as stated in this thread.

So far I’ve been sucessfull on finding the conditional on which the auto-depth logic is used at view3d_edit.c:490, from there it does a GLUnproject to get the depth at mouse cursor and uses that with some space conversions as a orbit position. Now I need to get the full idea about the MVC and where/how persistent data is stored to find the most appropriate place to store last orbit position. Also some simple logic should consider which orbit position to use depending on a few factors.

Hopefully I get to know Blender source well enough for some small tweaks like that because I like Blender very much, but some small things keep getting on my nerves :).