Blender Space Scope

Anyone heard of the Blender Space Scope?
neither did i.
The scope isn’t finished yet, but i can show some of the pics it has made(?).

More pics should follow given enough time, but first i need some (positive, building) comments.

(is it ok to refer to

as an hobby astronomer by myself (i owe a celestron c8 and its a pity i dont use it that often …) i realy like the pics. they are the best fakes of astropics taken by highquality telescpes i know :slight_smile:

go on, or write a tut :wink:

i would link rather, because is the developer page.

Very nice, but more variations in the Halos colours would be nice.

I used to look regularly through my PlutoS,

But when i found out about internet and stuff a loong time ago…The PLutoS cannot compete with the high detail pictures i see with my Xephem software:
When i click a region of the sky it downloads the most recent pic from very large scopes, so the PLutoS is covered with dust )

Everyday i try to look at the astronomy picture of the day
And that’s where i got the idea, it was a hubble pic offcourse

I will definately try to make a “Messier-like” gallery, not only eye-candy, but also scientifically “correct” so halo variations will depend on what i learn about light that “pushes” or “ignites” the nebulae surrounding the stars

I actually fooled a friend (his English is not the best, so he did not read the text properly) in thinking it was a real one ha ha…

Only blender was used. : people need to know they can help develop, was my idea, but maybe you have a point, -not many will.-

don’t know when the next load will arrive… connection with the BlenderScope is difficult because of solarparticles jamming up the transmission…ha ha(serious, dunno when i have time again

tut, no ,but when my blender fan page is ready i will put the blend there, so anyone can see how easy it actually is.

Have you seen Mars lately? it is closest to earth in about 57.000Years
(truly a once in a lifetime experience),
Maybe it is time to take the celestron out for a walk across the sky!

Thanx for positive comment

i am going to watch the mars one night :smiley:
but i think, you made some mistake with the numbers - or my magazin did :wink:
anyway, there is written, that he is going to be 55 mio km away on 28th of august.
and there is written, that he wasnt that near the last 2000 years.
anyway, lets enjoy it … as soon as i know wich ones are good for looking at mars i am going to buy some colour filters … :wink:

no, i was correct (excuse me for being the way i am, i cannot help it)
check it here:

[As Earth and Mars near their closest approach in nearly 60,000 years on August 27, the red planet has begun to appear dramatically bright and show interesting details through telescopes and binoculars. Although not yet visible at sunset, Mars can be seen rising increasingly earlier in the evening. Once above the horizon, Mars is easy to spot, as it sports a distinct orange-red hue and it is the brightest object in the sky after the Sun, the nearby Moon, and Venus. After Earth overtakes Mars in their respective solar orbits, Mars will be visible right from sunset, although its historic brightness will then begin to fade.]

I love details, and i tend to say things only when i’m absolutely sure.
I’m a small man, about 1m70cm in height but my ego could easily fill the gap in the ozone hole(when its at its maximum). :smiley:

Clear skies to you :smiley:

Quite cool… no spaceships?


no, (maybe in future) .

i am sorry, that my printed astronomy magazin, the most popular in german i think, seems to be wrong :roll: … plz remark, i did not say that i am sure you are wrong … btw seem the numbers to differ … tells, that mars was not that near for 73 000 years … talks of 2000 years. astrolexikon of 60 000 years.
like discribed at there was an error, with 73 000 years and there were a few more errors … if you are interested in splitting hair, read it :wink:

so, i just hope the wether rests clear, then i am going to take my scopt out :wink:

btw i am 1.7 as well (beuh, maybe 1.80, sry i dunno … ;)) and i dont feel small … :slight_smile:

Aha , you are my neighbour (su from nl):

its,s just numbers, i got mine from nasa

And they can be wrong too:

—Last year(or maybe 2y ago) a huge leonid storm was predicted, and all over the world amateur and proffesional alike setup equipment and stayed up all night to see…nothing, for the storm had been 25 hours earlier… ha ha ha ha lol----

too bad… i did dust the (german manufactured) PlutoS off, but it was pretty clouded last night, well…it is set to go so if the sky clears …

And yes i am interested in splitting hairs: according to some dead guys relativity theory the universe expands
->therefor 1m will be slightly longer tomorrow than it was yesterday, this is mathematically provable
(thats what the dead guy is famous for)
but from a human perspective it will not be noticable untill we will be able to travel outside our solarsystem.

(because of the aging process i will shrink faster than the universe will make me grow by expanding.

Two of nasa’s space probes have left(are on the edge to be more precise) of our solarsystem and every time nasa contacted them they seemed to be in a different position as expected, so i guess,… no i know… there’s lots of thing we do not understand, even “simple” things like the distance of relative closeby planets are puzzling.
(but 2000y can not be correct
73.000-60.000 or 57.000 are more accurate i think.

(So when they do meassure the distance it should be coupled to a time index, because the next day the distance would have changed-but… a second will - like the 1meter- last longer tomorrow than it did yesterday…

…More, more hairs, give me more hairs.