Blender Special Effects Project

(harkyman) #1

This is a 2:33 short that I made for my kids. My one daughter is into princesses and fairies and whatnot. That other is into eating “goldfishies” and drinking juice.

It’s an avi in DivX 5 format, using MP3 compression for the audio. I knocked it down to half the frame rate, half the screen size and cranked up the DivX crunch-power. It’s watchable. It clocks in at around 3.1 MB, so those who are faint of heart may not want to venture there.

All of the the “magic” effects were done with Blender.

Enjoy. Click Below.

George Lucas’ are tripe compared to this

(VelikM) #2

That was really cute! :smiley: Nice job on the effects.
You have cute kids.

(paradox) #3

nice story, cool effects, great kids.


(S68) #4

Really nice :slight_smile:

You have nice kids with a future in the Movies :slight_smile:


(pofo) #5

That was too cute :D, but kinda scary too. Will there be a sequel?

  1. pofo

(H-C) #6

i saw it its really cool nice special effects and cute kids.

(zanet) #7

very interesting…
why don’t you write a tutorial on it?

(BgDM) #8

Heh, that was great. Oh the many days of cuppies and goldfishies that I have gone through myself. :smiley:


(BMD) #9

I am sooooo jealous! If i was a kid and my dad did that, i would flip!!! great job!