Blender specific questions. A few things still bothering me.

(vetzeen) #1

I have a few questions if you guys dont mind.

  1. What does “Sticky” under subserf do?
  2. While I’m at it, what is “textface” somewhere below “sticky”?
  3. I know there is a tute on this somewhere, but i lost my link so, how do you do soft selection? (I don’t know what this feature is called in blender but it is the tool/feature that lets you pull an object’s vertex and nearby vertices moves along with it, at a lesser extent depending on how farther they are.)
    4)“Draw Extra” at the very left most cornner has some pull down selections: Sphere, box, cone etc. What are they good for?

I use blender publisher. You dont have to answer all of them if it takes up a lot of time.

(dreamsgate) #2

For question #3, you might be referring to “Proportional Vertex Editing”,

At the bottom of 3D window is a button that looks like a grid
or push the “O” key. :slight_smile:

(vetzeen) #3

Thanks Dreamsgate!

Cant wait to get this to work with RVK’s. I hope it works tho.

(Enzoblue) #4

For #4 - If you make like a Cube and set the bounds/box on, then go into edit mode and move vertices around, the bounds box will stay the same as when you first made the cube. This might be good/is probably used for games where collision detection issues arise.

Total guess

(theeth) #5

enables per vertex texture coordinates. Not really useful anymore since pretty much all the mesh animation method (RVK, VK, Armature, …) preserves the initial (before deformation) texture space.

enables UV coordinates. It’s automaticly turned on when you enter face selection mode (Fkey out of edit mode) for the first time. The Make button will then transform into a Delete button enabling you to delete the UV coordinates information.