Blender specific video tutorials re: head modeling

Hi all,

Well, the subject line says it all. Anybody with some working links to Blender specific head modeling video tutorials please come forth. I have done a few head modeling tutorials but either they are not Blender specific or the tutorial is incomplete and/or steps are not made very clear (I’ve seen tutorials that explain things very well for 3/4 of the tutorial only to crash and burn at step 15 where things are not explained clearly or end off with a “you know what to do from this point onwards” or “stay tuned for more” but there is no more). I am starting to get very discouraged. I just want to model cartoony type characters (nothing photo realistic at all). Can someone please direct me to some tutorials on this subject? Please! Thanks in advance.


there are no cartoon-type video tutorials i’m aware of, especially no blender specific. a couple of suggestions:

  • get used to blender modelling in general
  • browse the web for anatomy references
  • browse the web for organic modelling in general (be it for max, XSI, Maya or whatever) - figure out the topology used
  • try modelling faces yourself, using blender’s tools

I don’t know of any video tuts for heads, but these might help:

and of course Torq’s face tut (link in my sig)