Blender Speed Game Competition.

Blender Speed Game Competition.

I got this idea from another forum and thought it would be fun to try out.
The goal is to see how much we can be accomplished in a small time frame, for example; a working prototype, to gain efficiency and to have fun.

<b>The Rules:</b>
  • Post below when you’re ready to start working.

  • Edit your post (after the time limit is up) with your results.

  • Keep track of you own time, I’m going to use this online-stopwatch.

  • No prizes.

  • No Judges.

  • [Content] Only use Blender, State which Blender version you’re using (you may use any), You may use previous resource (scripts, models) that were made by you.

  • You may use any textures as long as you’re not violating someone’s copyright.

    [Time limit increased from 2 hours to 8]
    1st Blender Speed Game:

    Time: 8 hours. (you may stop the clock and come back to it later.)
    Theme: Frogger example1, example2, (keep it simple)

You may think about it for a little bit, but start the timer when you start working.

Sound like fun?

I’m going go ahead and start it off.

Here’s my result after two hours.

It was harder then I thought it would be, I wasn’t able to make the turtles, dying, winning or score.
The hard part was moving with the logs.

Please don’t download if you plan on entering the competition.


philb_BSGC_Frogger_2hour.blend (245 KB)

I think 2 hours is too short, maybe a 24 or 12 hour contest will see more entries and nicer results?

I agree, 2 hours is too short.
Also, I think it would be cool if we could have a game ART competition, like they do at

Maybe we can do a “pass it along” game. After the time limit, someone else can pick up the results by posting. Once their time has passed, they post their results and someone else picks up the project and adds to it and so on and so on…

hunter: yeah, that sounds like fun!

Can we use previous scripts?

That does indeed sound fun, but we would have to state the order it is passed along in so that we don’t get more than one .blend file at the end. Maybe create a list before the project starts? I would be interested in this, altough I’m fairly new to the BGE.

I like the Pass-it-along idea too.

So here are the questions, should we turn this into a pass-it-along game? or make it longer by adding more hours, or more days with a dead line some time next week?

I personally think we should turn it into something like the week day challange.
Would that be better for new BGE users?

Yes, any previous resource that is your own.

We can have a contest like this each week.
Each week we can decide what type of contest it should be. Sound cool?

I like this idea, every week, we could have a new theme, although the themes need to be open though, so there will be differences in the games.

Both ideas are good, and either way I’ll gain experience but I would hate to edit the passed along .blend and make a mess of it, so a longer deadline would be my answer :slight_smile: just post the theme/deadline and I’m in =]

I think a full day challenge, once a week would be fun.

All of the ideas sound good to me. I’m in for whatever gets decided. We just need to try to schedule what day of the week we should do this on and how working on the .blend is going to work.

Ok, I’m going split this up.

I’ve added 6 hours to the current speed challenge, plus I’m about to post a thread in the contest section for a more organized weekly challenge which wouldn’t exclude those new to Blender’s game engine.

The weekly challenge will have a deadline, community voting, and the winner will decide the next theme.

How does that sound?:slight_smile:

BGE Week Day Challenge #0001

How about a solutions challenge?

I mean we could grap a (more or less complex) problem of the week (mabe voted) out of the threads from the support forum. The challenge is to provide a demo that shows a solution. This way there would be multiple solutions and the results can be referenced if the problem is asked again.


We could start with a modelling contest: Model a rigged low poly dummy. It could be used within the challenges. So nobody has to give own models away or can’t join because of missing modelling ability.

I win. :RocknRoll:

The next Ludum Dare 48 hour game making competition is December 11-13. I entered the last one and it was a ton of fun. It would be nice to see some more Blender games entered.