Blender speed on linux laptop

I have benched blender on my laptop, comparing time needed for calculating the new beetle model I found on this forum between windows and linux fedora4 and debian3.1.
Under windows, blender compiled with intel compiler : 1’04
Under linux, fedora and debian : 2’30
Well, on my workstation under windows and linux time needed is almost the same.
So my laptop doesn’t seem to be linux-friendly (compaq nc6000, M1.6HGz).
My workstation is AMD 2600+…
Maybe the blender version compiled for linux is not optimized for pentium M series … any idea ?

Laptops are usually optimized more for power-consumption and small size than for speed. Their disk subsystems, for instance, are usually slow. (Try adding an external firewire or USB 2.0 drive… you might be surprised!)

Load it up with RAM and make sure it’s running as fast as it knows how to do.