Blender splash needed!

One of the comments we had on the last release was the invisble way a Splash is being organized. That usually happened last minute when nobody really had time for it. :slight_smile:

For this release, three active developers were choosen (Stivs, Hmetalcowgirl and Kester) who can give the votes for which splash it will be. (didnt get reaction from Kester yet though).
If this all works out acceptable, they can then appoint three new people for the next release.

Deadline is next tuesday august 3, CET night. Please post your proposals here, or on news & chat the forum of

Here’s a template photoshop file:

Have fun!


(Yah, next time we could announce earlier!)

what 38 reads and no post , weird

what is there to say?

well, other than

uhh, and that I don’t think I could do a very good job at this [particularly if I study for my coming physics final]

blending in progress…

Hi Ton,

I was stupid not to post it to you on my own. But any way I had done one splash . If that would be useful.
I dont have the font fot the text so i just put the place holder for the text of earlier splash.

The apache is blender model and rendered, but text texture, background, the propeler movement, on it and some touch up was done in GIMP. If that makes it unusabe well… :frowning:


looks cool

Thought I’d throw one in… same as over at

Heres another, Messing around with an older render.

Updated lighting on the first

A pretty boring and simple one. But I like it. Gonna try and pump out a few more.


nice stuff - liked the longbows

made a new render of my escher blend to make this. its fully made in blender.

escher splash screen:

Spikeballs anyone?

reflective geometry…[/img]

Croawmoa. the frog

Natural or surnatural.

The Blend Are Here.

version 2

here’s one i posted on

my first shot

second shot

Another quicky.

That one by dott as well as several others look pretty cool to my opinion, but what we need is an image that faces up to those of big budget engines and shows off a new feature or two in 2.34 if one already has the pre-release

oh damn! i didn’t check elysiun.


i hurry… :wink:

here comes more,

All done in blender.

Sorry for the 2.34 text I didnt have any matching text so i just used place holder text for them.