Blender Splash screens. Where can I find 1920x1080 resolution versions without blender logo

I want to use them as wallpapers so I need at least a 1920x1080 rez or higher. I had a hard time finding the same renders used in the blenders splash screens at the desired resolution. Some users have done different renders of the sample file scene but I don’t want those. On the arstation of the credited artist they provide there different shots also.

These are the ones Im mostly interested about:
Blender 2.81 The Junk Shop by Alex Trevino - Art Gallery — Blender Cloud
Blender 2.90 Splash Fox by Daniel Bysted - Art Gallery — Blender Cloud
Blender 2.93 LTS Procedural Still Life by Erindale Woodford - Art Gallery — Blender Cloud
Blender 3.0 Sprite Fright by Blender Studio - Art Gallery — Blender Cloud
Blender 3.1 The Secret Deer by Lorenzo Aiello - Art Gallery — Blender Cloud

Download the file, render at 1920x1080, done :slight_smile:


I’m on a crappy laptop right now

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So… download the file, start your render, go for a walk and maybe read a good book, done :wink:



The splash fox and Procedural still life available on arstation are at a lower resolution 1920x960 ArtStation - Splash Fox ArtStation - Procedural Still Life - Geometry Nodes Experiments
The secret deer renders provided there are closeups not the final composition shown in the splash screen ArtStation - Secret Deer
The junk shop is a totally different aspect ratio than the blender splash screen one and than your standard monitor 16:9 ArtStation - The Junk Shop