Blender Spotted!

A thread about where you have seen blender!

I saw it in a paper we hade at work selling compositing equipment, it was some monitor brand (eizo?) It has already been featured on

But! Here we blender artists can post URL’s to images where we have seen blender recently.

Blender Foundations bigbuckbunny spotted at London’s .NET User Group presentation of Microsoft Silverlight

Blender used for visual effects on upcoming film OSCAR AND THE PINK LADY, release december 2009.

1/2 way down on this review of a new device from Creative, they show that it can play 1080 video. Hey…those guys look familiar.…cid=11&id=2971

Blender is everywhere… it’s probably watching you right now!! :confused:

@william - that is some awesome compositing on that movie.

It’s everywhere!

@PhilBo nice find ! it’s funny it’s always BigBuckBunny, … guess people DO like fat bunnys with big hearts :slight_smile:

I saw blender on my screen last night too. Amazing!!!

Found the big buck bunney trailer here:
Too bad blender isn’t mentioned anywhere, it just shows the trailer.