Blender sprite page

Hello, I’ve just knocked up a web-page for pre-rendered sprites made using blender - I’ve gotten some work out of doing them but I’m hoping to get more. I’m not much of a web designer but I was wondering what people made of the content? I’m hoping to add some tutorials too if people are interested.

The address is: then take a look in the graphics section

Here’s a sample:

WOW!!! very good animation skills! Maybe rip off blender and do an animation of him…

Anyways I really like that, but are though animimated in swift 3d or did you use a jpg’s -> swf tool?

Well, all the sprites are GIFs - Animated in Blender to AVI then imported into JASC Animation Shop. If you mean the SWFs in my old 3d section, I did them a long time ago… Err… I had a beta of Flash 4 - I think it could just import AVIs so I did them that way. Haven’t messed around with that stuff for ages though…