blender stand-ins possible?

Hi guys. Is blender stand-ins possible?, for example. Can you have a cube that is essentially a bounding box that when you render it switches the models out and renders a higher resolution model for example a tree. this way you can replicate bounding boxes on a mountain and not have to slow your display down showing lots of high res trees. hope this makes sense

Isn’t that what “Maximum Draw Type” in the object settings is for? Set that to “Bounds” and you will only see a bounding box in the viewport, but the full object in the render.

Another option is to have a very low res object attached to your main object, and set the lowres only visible to viewport, and the hires only renderable (in the outliner).

Note that if you’re linking/appending the object from a library into your scene, you’ll need to link/append both lowres and hires objects, as Blender doesn’t load the children unless it’s a group.

thanks for the reply guys. its very much appreciated.