blender stars

When you use the stars generated by blender (found in the world settings), the stars only occupy a sphere centered around the x.y,z axis. If you move a camera through this sphere of stars, you will quickly fly through the stars leaving your scene empty of stars. Is there a way to extend how far out the stars go?

I want to fly a spacecraft through a field of stars further than the stars are generated.

Wouldn’t spend too much time trying to solve this one… stars were removed from Blender recently anyway. It’s better to use a particle system for stars anyway, lots more control.

no idea how to do that. Anyone have a tutorial or explanation they can point me too?

Make a big cube around your scene, give it a particle system, set it to volume, set the number of stars you want, give it a material

Thank you, I am very happy with the results and yes, much more control!