blender statistic

general interest here only

does anyone has some stats for blender

like how many variables are there in blender different part ?

how many lines of codes does it represent

I saw somewhere that the number of keys call are like over 3200 I think

how many operators or functions exist in blender ?

is there a wiki page describing all the operators call we can do with Space bar ?

would be interesting to have a wiki page giving these information

thanks for any feedback
happy bl

Check the documentation in the Blender official site here:, i guess you can get most of the information you need.

never really seen this type of statistic inn wiki yet

have specific pages ?

happy bl

Theres a website that has some of this info:

Further, you can download the code and run many different tools on it to generate code metrics.

will check these

I do a little bit of python but not in C at all

happy bl