Blender Stock Exchange (moved to contests forum)

Im in.

Unfortunately, cheating is pretty easy since the price is delayed 20 minutes… but ya know… I am downwith the honor system.


NeOmega -
Thanks for joining the game. I don’t know how people cheat, but there is this text “Market orders will be confirmed 20 minutes after your order has been placed.” at the bottom of the window where you place your order, maybe this stops people from cheating.

what exactly is this?

The Blender Stock Exchange is too new to answer your question. The only real way to find out exactly what this is would be to get involved.

Thank you for your interest in the BSE.

I am winning by $488


Please don’t reply to this thread. The Blender Stock Exchange has moved to the contests forum. Here is the link -

doh… I meant to sell my Blender exchange stock when I sold my real stock, but forgot.