Blender "stopped working" at startup

Whenever I have just started my PC (Win7, 64bit) and I open Blender (2.77 or any other version) it starts the console, and then I get a greyed out window, then the message that “Blender stopped working”, and I have to close it.

When I try and open up Blender once again, it starts up just fine.

But this problem persists whenever I have just restarted or started my PC. It somehow have to crash before it can open…

Whats the matter, and how do I resolve the issue?

I tried:

  • Different versions of Blender. Same problem.

  • Deleting userpref and startup.blend in my AppData/Roaming/ folder.

I do not want to re-install my entire system.
Any other solutions are welcomed.

Can nobody help me? This problem is really frustrating!

Hi, so it seams nobody else have this problem.
You can try to start Blender from a Windows shell (cmd), this shell stays open after Blender crash.
May you can get error messages there.

Cheers, mib

I tried running Blender from cmd, with blender -w -d.

It gives me a report, but no errors. The last message was “found bundled python”. No errors to report, even though Blender crashes first time I start it, after Windows have been shut down, the second and next many times I open Blender, there is no problem. This persists whenever Windows have been shut down.

Why? Can this have anything to do with Visual C++ Redistributables 2013? I recently installed music software named Kontakt and it came bundled with Visual C++ Redistributables 2013 package. In Control Panel I can see that it was last changed when I installed Kontakt, coinciding with the problem I got that very same day.

Is this possible? Why?

No idea without error messages but Blender use Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package, it is even listed on the download page.
Not much you can do here except deinstall C++ RP and then Kontakt.
If you can verify Kontakt is the problem report as bug to Blender and kontakt developers.
Really hard to catch and I am on Linux so cant test. :confused:

Cheers, mib