Blender Stopped Working

Hi Guys,
I’m trying out your new software, I’m new and never used blender before.
I downloaded it and installed on my Comp. A box appeared saying, “Blender Stopped Working” and I cannot get it to run.

Can someone help?

Operating system and usual system specs / graphics card etc
Are your graphics card drivers fully up to date
Did you use the download from the official blender site, installer or zip file
Have you tried running as an administrator
Any more relevant info that you think may be appropriate
Full error messages

Here is the error message I receive. Windows Vista. Downloaded from Blender official site. version 2.62.
I wasn’t sure whether to download 32bits or 64 bits so I download 32bits.
I don’t know how to run as administrator,

What’s your hardware? Did you use the installer or zip file?

To run as an administrator, right-mouse click blender.exe, and choose “Run as Administrator”.

Thanks everything seems to be working fine now. I made my intro and 3 letters one on each line keep flickering when I play the intro in moviemaker. Anyone know why or how to fix this?