Blender stops responding when weight painting.

Hello, i’m using Blender 2.68 x64 version on a Windows 7 system.
My specs are as follows:
Core 2 Duo 2600 2.80
3 Gigabytes of RAM
Nvidia 9800 GT 1024

When i try to weight paint in Blender, it simply stops responding and never returns.
I never had this problem before in any other project, but this current project is not very heavy or highly detailed, is basically mid-poly.
I don’t understand what’s happening, if anyone can happen i’d appreciate.

If anyone needs to take a look at the file, i can upload it.

Thanks in advance!

Give a try to the Blender 2.69 RC3 :

There have been tons of bugfixes since Blender 2.68 , so it could be interesting for you to see if you have run into a bug that has already been fixed.

Uhum, i tried appending the scene to a new file, that seemed to solve the problem, for now at least.
Many thanks man!