Blender stops working when I open my project !!

I am having a really big problem right now.

When I try to open my latest project in Blender I get a windows message saying “Blender has stopped working” and it shuts down.

I first got the message in Blender 2.49a, then I installed 2.49b and I still get the same error.

The Blend file contains some linked objects but so do many other of my files files and they all work. other than that its all basic stuff.

I anybody knows a way around this or a way to save my project please help me.

It’s possible that the file became corrupted after you shut down (provided you did shut down after the last time you used your comp)

Other than that, the only other advice I can give is to let someone else try and open the project to see if perhaps your Blender is at fault (I’ve had it where my Blender won’t let me open a project as well, yet if I pass on the file to someone else it’ll let them, no idea what cause’s this)

I fixed itself today :slight_smile:
Turned on the computer and tried to open it… and it worked.
Don’t know why it works but it works.
I’m happy, your happy everybody’s happy. yay.

Thanks a bunch though.