Blender Stops Working!

Hello, I’m looking for some help. i’m modelling a 2 stories house, I have the first floor, the ceiling, second floor and roof with windows and doors already. And also i’ve added some texture to the walls, windows, and doors as well. i’m almost new in blender, i have installed it in windows vista, and i have few visual problems, but it happens to me with flash and other programs, so i didn’t worry too much. i have phyton installed which i removed trying to solve my problems, because blender just decided to shut down. Every time I press “z” it shuts down, and i want to kill myself cause i’ve inverted so much time in this project. I opened up some old versions, they work well until i finish the glass texture on my window, and create an icosphere to build some kind of skydome, but everytime i want to see trought it, its shut down. Also sometimes with the mouse wheel, trying to zoom, it stops working too. What i’m i doing wrong? is this i bug? i unistalled phyton but nothing change.
I’ll appreciate any clue anyone can give me. thanks :frowning:

Try it with the Aero theme turned off in Vista.


:eek: aero theme? i really don’t know what that is, i just got a new laptop with this terrible vista… just tell me how to do that!

ok, aero theme, some google search and I dissabled it, things are different now, blender looks a lot better, i always had visuals issues with the “b” selection, and opening the menus, i almost chose things by heart, everything went black when doing those things. But my project is still shutting the program down, would it be corrupted? maybe i do something that “corrupts” them (excuse my english if it’s not correct!) anyway, thanks a lot! :yes:

I dont know whats wrong on your side, but blender works fine on my machine and…Aero is turned off (btw aero is vista’s new theme, unless you got the business version it should have been the default one).

I’ve tested my archives in other machine, and they work ok, so I’m sure its blender, I’m gonna install it again and see what happens… F%$&%#!