blender studio based in london?


I am wondering what studios in London use blender as their main 3d package. I know about Gecko Animation for example. Could someone tell me if there are more and which they are?

Also, what kind of salary can a 3d generalist and compositor with 3-4 years of experience, can more or less expect to get in London?

I hope this is the right place to ask, if not sorry, just move the thread to the right section.


Its been a while since I visited London and my contacts, but Gecko sadly seems to be in the minority for using Blender.

Covent Gardens and Soho are the places to look for work in the digital field, and companies usually ask for familiarity with Photoshop, Zbrush and Maya. Not sure about Compositing software but I do remember the names “Shake”, “Nuke” and “Final Cut Pro” being thrown around…

yeah, sadly I already knew that blender was a minority, I am used to it :smiley: Just wanted to check out what options were out there. Right now at work I am using maya, so I could eventually use that, but to be honest I really do not like the program too much, I enjoy much more using blender, hence the question.

Thanks a lot for you answer! I hope some else is going to give some nice advice! :slight_smile:

Shake was bought by apple in 2002, then discontinued in 2009 (last release was 2008)
Nuke is the industry standard for compositing.

Re: Bernardo.

Aye, Maya isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I loved the package when I used it years ago, but my friend and mentor hated it so much(Max user!). The thing is that Maya leans more towards development of plugins, external renderers and scripts, whilst packages such as Max and Blender are more “out of the box” and with the artist in mind.

You might even able to convince your current boss to let you squeeze Blender into the work flow. As a modeller and fast renderer(out of the box) Blender could be an improvement over Maya, especially if you can work faster in Blender…

Re: Doublebishop.

I remember that now! Quite a few upset folk over on CGTalk about the whole thing. Never did get round to compositing software, but Nuke seems bloomin expensive…:eek:

Yes I think that Maya is strong only when you start to put in a lot of in house tools and other plugins. Also where I work we use tons of in house tools. Still I do not digest too well the interface and other stuff, but this is a matter of tastes as well :slight_smile:

I already use blender for modeling and other stuff, but when it comes to change the company pipeline I really cannot do much, but I think I can understand this… I am basically the only one using blender there, so I would be the only one to be able to put hands on some blender project :smiley: