Blender studio

Hi All, maybe a crazy idea but …maybe not :spin:. I’m just wondering if here was an idea to open something like ‘Blender studio’? Something like this forum (guys that would want) would be a group that would go into the commercial world? (and with the teoreticall income we can finally revange the Blender developers, team…and maybe at the last to us).
The point is, that I think that here is the potencial to make REALLY nice and excelent work - so why not go out (commercial)? …I don’t know I hope I didn’t say something wrong??? And in four/five years woud be everybody afraid of the great work from the ‘Blender studio’ :RocknRoll:…
…but so as I started…just an idea…so please take it so…:rolleyes:

That sounds like a good idea. I have a strong feeling this, or something like it, will happen soon.

Project Peach is its first official project.

There are studios that use primarily Blender, like the Plumiferos project in Argentina, and also Studio 125 in Alabama, but they also use other tools as well. The Orange and peach projects also are blender studios, temporary though they may be or have been.

I think the major stopping point is capital, and direction. Not necessarily in that order, but with capital, $$, you can put the people in one place, like Plumerifos or Peach, and that makes direction a bit easier, because people are doing their jobs and getting paid for it. The issue with direction when you don’t have people in one place, or working for free, is that people can join, or drop out at any time, or others may decide that the direction of the project doesn’t fit in with what they want to do, or they may just decide to not do any work. The quality of the work in free, distance community projects is generally lesser than these tight controlled studios, but you gotta have some capital for a studio.

edit: so the peach studio is permanent then? cool. The way the dollar keeps dropping though, they will probably be able to outsource to the US for animation soon, haha.

actually the blender institute is permanent. (orange happened before it,but may be consider a precursor) but peach (and to a lesser extent, the blender Open Workshop DVDs) are its first projects. The teams working at the blender institute will change; so it’s like a hybrid of an art institute and movie studio (and open source project).