Blender Studios

It was interesting to hear Ton speak of future projects in the keynote address.
One of the things touched on was the possibility of a permanent studio in Amsterdam for people to visit.
This sounds like a great idea.
Ton indicated there was interest from people he had spoken to about it but he was not sure how it could come about.
I wonder if people would like to contribute some ideas for this in this thread incl those who were Orangers.

For my own thoughts I think it may be possible to set up some sort of cultural experience or perhaps exchange system.
This would allow young people say 18-24 to go to Holland for 4-6 months. At any one time about 9 people are there including 3 more permanent - 1 year - studio leaders under Tons overall direction.
Possibly one of those leaders is someone specialising in the Blender education part of things. This person would coordinate the coming and going of studio members, record skills etc, and perhaps correspond with new people ahead of their attendance so that they are aware of how the projects they are joining are functioning.
Of course there is accomodation and nannying of away from homes to consider so may be a tenth person…
Part of their time in Holland is to appreciate part of Europe and different ways and peoples
It is just not for being a Blender animator 100 hrs -horror- per week.
There must be set conditions of reasonable ‘employment’ for their period.
The studio is partly funded by clients and sales, governments grant, individuals sponsorship or donations, and students themselves. If you like a Blender scholarship. They must apply with an already good standard of Blender skills so that they demonstrate commitment and their studio time is productive.
Quality work must emerge from the studio on an ongoing basis for the financial backers to keep participating…
At the end students/artists receive Blender certification and employment references as well as have something for a portfolio.
They return home with world experience and improved skills to spread good words about Blender and other peoples from around the world…and of course great pride in their artistic achievement.

This all sounds like a LOT of work but maybe something wonderful can happen through the power of the Blender community.

Well I’m 18 and would vote for something like that. I’m (most likely) starting college in january so this wouldn’t work out too well but… Maybe a summer program with shorter duration, although 6 months is very appealing.

I would definitely sign up to go during summer or something mainly just to see parts of europe. Also the chance to get some real hands on experience with blender is very attractive. Comprehensive 3D training in blender would lend itself very nicely to other packages or other studios doing the same stuff for future employment.

Remember ‘student’ does not just have to mean under 24… try to restrict an exchange program to the 18-24 mark and you’d alienate a huge percentage of the Blender community.

Yes that is true but you have to ask where the money for this will come from.
One angle on this is the one I mentioned - experience of another county.
This may have traction with the Dutch government as a basis for setting up the studio with their assitance/approval and also appeal to various philanthropists and potential contributors incl google?
There is no reason why individuals outside the age range could not attend and provide more of the costs themselves rather than pick up a sponsor.
At this time I have no idea how many people might like to attend, their ages, geographic distribution, for how long or if it would be sustainable say over 5 yrs.
The idea of my posting this was to put subject out in Blenderland and learn more about the realities of the dream.
In no way do I speak for Ton or the foundation.
Please feel free to contribute ideas and talk about aspects you want to see, requirements/preferences you have.
I don’t set out to alienate anyone but look to see what we can actually do as a first step to establishing a proper studio.
It may well be that Blender studio starts as a youth program and expands from there to have a permanent ‘professional’ studio of all ages where the youth visitors is a secondary part.
It is just a way forward I thought of.
We leverage the program to see what we can do with it.
At first we set up some infrastructure with assistance to handle a group of 10 ‘transient artists’ and get some experience and some jobs lined up and under the belt.
This way we are not going it alone and we build on the Orange project and also achieve credibility for what may follow.
From the initial core group of high skilled ‘leaders’ we can extend the staff who can run a proper studio adding some programmers etc.
Of course it would be ideal if ‘graduates’ of the studio would return to take up more responsibilities.
Yeah so may be it seeds and grows…

It is only one idea that could be disgarded altogether as impractical or not the best…
Quite a lot of views not too many replies yet.
Keep it coming :slight_smile:

This is Really a Great Idea about OS-Blender Studios!!

and… not only OS-Blender Studio in Amsterdam but also in other big Citys around the World or everywhere else and all this conected via Internet and WebSites…and Verse!
Where the Money?
some Ideas:This can be done like a Fitness-Studios System Business!
You are the Fitness Trainer (Blender Teacher)!
EXAMPLE:If you like to Open a OS-Blender Studio alone or with a Partner or.more.Partners for a Cooperation somewhere in a City!
You can make a Business :like if you open a Cafeteria or a Fitness Studio!
You have to find a Great Place somewhere (a Room) to Rent in the City and (and why not a OS-Blender Cafeteria (like some Internet Cafes already exists)!
You have to Pay self for all the Hardware…PC´s (10-20 Pc´s or more) (Small Studio-Big Studiio) and all the other Stuff (Tables,Chairs…etc) and for Rent this Room!
Install all the best Open Source you think is Good to Use:There are many Good Software around…!
Software…Blender…Gimp…Cinepaint…Inkscape…Wings…Open Office and other etc.
next Step:
and make Reklame in the Local Newspapers…Illustrations 3d CG…and others and Organize do some Workshops and demostrations about Blender in Shools and Universitys!
The members must pay a fee every Month:(40-60 Euros…Dollars) to have full acess to the OS-Blender Studio!
… the members can use all this OS-Software Learning Blender made Animations or Commercials rendering Stills…Creating Logos whatever and maybe if you have some Good Blender Users in your OS-Studio made Projects like Elephants Dream or Plumiferos if possible!!

The members pay for acess and use the Hardware and Software in the Studio and because you have to Teach Blender to them (make Lessons) like in the Shool :as example from 13:00-14:00 Rigging,from 16:00-18:00 Modeling etc…!
Make Groups of Members to work in one Workstation every Group (3 Members in one PC) as example and Different Projects and Programms!

Also you can have a little Shop in your OS-Studio Blender:to Buy Sanwitches,Coffes,Soft-Drinks,Blender Stuff from Blenders E-Shop:T-Shirts,Books,etc…!

You can have this OS-Blender Studio if you like and hab´ve the possibility Open for 24 Hours (also in the Night)!

This are some Ideas::rolleyes:
I dont have a Job in the moment!
and maybe if i found a Good Partner (Blender Head) Professional Blender User CG Artist Animator maybe i think to do something like this in the near Future!

Sorry for my Bad English!!I hope you Understand !!:frowning:



Vassilios your English is fine.I understand your ideas and they sound very good.
That is an approach I had not considered.
I wonder if first Blender has to become better known and desireable first so that you have enough customers to make a living?
I would like to think Plumiferos will raise awareness of what can be done with it commercially… and maybe another Orange too :slight_smile:
No reason not to try though.
Perhaps your idea would work better in some countries than others…but a global network of Blender ‘Animasiums’ (my word) is certainly thought provoking :rolleyes:
May be you make your fortune being the founder of an international OS business :wink: :smiley:

I am a little disappointed that there are not many reponses to this thread so far despite hundreds of views…
Either I have not said the right things to encourage discussion or there actually there are only a few Blenderheads keen on having a studio… not enough to have a permanent one anyway?
Perhaps I should ask why there is not enthusiasm out there as well…
please contribute your views :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t really fit into the many who have read and not commented, as I’ve already made comment, but it does seem to me that you’d be creating something of an elite group within the Blender community - whether you like it or not, there is only going to be so many places on this, and having them come out of it certified may be a problem. Are you going to set up a qualification program, if yes using what criteria and are you really going to have the guts to fail someone?

Now from a professional point of view, I’m not sure that (in its current form) the idea overly appeals to me. First of all, you need to have a market for all of this - for the few of us who are using Blender professionally, it’s hard enough finding the jobs to start off with. Most of the time, you have to wax over or simply not even mention the fact that Blender is in use - as far as the client is concerned, they want the end product. So…

Start a series of college environments that partly fund themselves through their work, and you start the old art-college vs. design bureau argument all over again - on the one hand, design bureaus are interested in training the next generation of employees, but on the other hand they don’t want art-colleges stealing all of the work in the first place, possibly with students who can’t cut it and give the industry a bad name (don’t flame me on this guys, this is an old generic problem from a number of industries and not a specific argument against this idea).

Don’t get me wrong - I like the idea, have been rolling it around in my head for years both with and without Blender in the frame, I’m a trainer and a professional graphic artist…but, I think that you need to put together a far more detailed proposal for people to look at and ensure that you have tacit support of the powers that be. Without that, a good percentage of the merit behind being in such a program to start off with suddenly vanishes.

Hmmm well from the ongoing poor response it is looking like a permanent Blender Studio is a dead idea at this time - sorry Ton…but I support you!
Anyway I will continue a while longer to see if there are any embers to blow on.

Well yes in my concept the numbers would be limited say 12-18 persons a year.
I don’t see how we could fund and organise for more and still produce quality work. It is a step up from Orange 6 places and is somewhat more flexible.
To some extent Orange is an elite band too but even they had to meet standards when they were chosen. Along the way they discovered individual strengths and learned to form a team to get the job done.
I don’t know that there was any failure to speak of. I don’t think anyone was damaged by the experience except by lack of sleep and too much coffee.
I think we could build in some safeguards for that.
Hopefully by careful assessment of potential students the situation never arises where someone doesn’t meet the grade however they can return home and be replaced…maybe they don’t like the food…
Is their experience helping them post Orange to find employment I can’t say. Is their unique pioneering position preventing others from having opportunities I don’t know.
I would be hopeful that some of those original people would stick around to help the studio grow.
Ton himself in the keynote talked of a certificate for trainers. I just incorporated this idea as a certificate of competance for artists or more correctly a studio certificate I suppose.
Going to the studio need not be the only way to get a Blender certificate. I think there have been other plans for a while under the education wing to get something more formal to recognise skills.
As far as competition for work well the studio would be doing work together that is not possible for individuals to do. I think it would be somewhat shortsighted to deny Blender as a movement progress because of personal interest. A key aspect of having a studio is to get people out there with ‘professional’ ability with Blender and to get a foothold on ‘professional’ credibility for the program in the cg world.
Ton has spoken a bit about this too if I represent him correctly.
This does not mean joining the commercial world though Blenderheads can do things their own way.
I have not ventured to define exactly what they do for projects. Maybe it leans to pure art maybe it leans to commercial
Why I posted was to generate ideas and knock some corners off.
It seem to this point I have misjudged the impetus for having such a studio.
Personally I don’t want to present a detailed proposal for people to beat up on.
Neither do I want to do all the thinking and spoon feed a plan to people.
Blenderheads create things for themselves out of involvement and participation and community.
Ton has also spoken of the fact Blender is becoming too big for one person.
I thought I would initiate something but I am sure Ton will be doing his own thinking and arranging and we have to hear from him yet.
I think we can do him a favour by talking together about possibilities and perhaps saying oh we like this or that won’t be so good, maybe this…or here is a way…you know if all helps form a workable reality out of the vision. Maybe it builds momentum and enthusiasm to do so.