Blender suddenly becomes too bright

I recently started rendering a new toon shaded animation of mine and found that for some reason the scene suddenly just got too bright.

I want to find out what is causing it so I can turn it off. I have tried simply lowering the brightness using nodes but that doesn’t actually fix it either

Is how the object is supposed to look

How it looks

Is this Eevee, can we see the shader/ compositor nodes? Also did you change settings on that light? Any key-frames?

Nope I made a new blend scene and appended everything over and it went back to normal.

Then after I finished rendering it got bright AGAIN with me not being able to notice before I rendered a second time.

So everything append able including the node tree for the world isn’t the problem

Using 2.93.4 btw

Just trying this new ver out from 2.83