Blender Suddenly Freezes on Render... help!

So I’ve been working on this project all day and suddenly Blender freezes when I try and render.

I’ve tried diagnosing what could be the cause and I’ve whittled it down to there being absolutely nothing in the project, at all… only a cube and a camera. I’ve also purged all materials and done a project cleanup, just as a test.

Still freezes… I’m so confused!

Project file attached… would love if someone could open this up and let me know if they’re experiencing the same thing… and a possible fix!?

Thank you!!!

project_freeze.blend (4.2 MB)

Im running 2.90 and the scene rendered just fine.

Not sure how to help here, maybe you’ll get more info in the Blender top menu Window->Toggle System Console. Then try rendering.

I’d also try a different version of blender. And check if you are able to render the default cube+light scene (using the same render settings)

Hey thanks for opening the project!

Are you 2.90 or 2.90.1? I’m of the latter persuasion so it would be helpful to know.

But it’s very encouraging that it’s working for you… and yes I can render the default scene. I’ll try another version of Blender.


Rendering works for my using Blender 2.83.1, 2.90.0 and 2.90.1 (thanks for the reminder of 2.90.1, missed it)

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Well I figured out my problem, and just in case anyone else encounters this… it was the “Shift Render Slot” add-on that was the culprit. I don’t know why.

I noticed my render slots were missing so it occurred to me that since that add-on controls the render slots, it was probably glitching the software somehow. I disabled it and now the project renders and all is well.

(Strangely, I have had that add-on enabled for some time with no problems… not sure why it would suddenly start to misbehave.)

“Shift” happens :grinning:. Glad its working, something Ill try remember to check in the future.

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