Blender suddenly stopped rendering

I’m using an AVI codec for rendering my animation. I did a quick test, because I’m pretty new to this and this worked fine. the avi was created and I could watch it in an external viewer.

Now I added additional stuff to my scene, did some cameramovement and alphablending. And now when I press the big RENDER button I can see the current frame being rendered and that’s it. I have set Start to 1 and End to 275 and the framecounter is set to 1, so it should render all the images into the codec as before. But it doesn’t. All I get is the first image and then the little black box that counts the renderframe goes away. No errormessage or any indication that something is wrong.

Now I wonder if I did change something unintentionally that caused this? Or is this a bug? I only added keys to the various objects and I don’t remember doing anything extra that might have caused this.

Any ideas whats wrong?

Now it seems to work. I used the ANIM button. But that is strange because I’m sure thought that I used the RENDER button before and it worked. Is the RENDER button the same as pressing F12?

Yes, the button RENDER and F12 are the same, but to render animations you have to press the ANIM button.


I had this problem and discovered I had left the animation open in the viewer but minimised it. Blender rendered a frame, went to open the file and found it locked.

Make sure the avi viewer you are using is closed before re-rendering. (I’ve hit myself in the head with heavy objects a number of times over this!)

Also - check the console, it may have an error message that will lead you to the problem!

I also encountered this problem once. :slight_smile: But in this case it was using the wrong button. That’s weird though because I was pretty sure that I used the other button before. Well, it works now.

It’s strange that I got no error message, though. Blender should have known that I wanted to use the other button. :wink:

Yeah - Why isn’t there a single button called “Do” that does whatever you want! :smiley:

Yeah - Why isn’t there a single button called “Do” that does whatever you want! :D[/quote]Why even have the button when Blender should know that you’d have already pressed it?

…or better yet - Blender can perfarom the function based solely on the probability that you would push the button if it were there! That would eliminate the need for user intervention at all.

You just need to intend to create a fantastic animation to the point where it is probable that you will actually do it and Blender does it automatically.

Hmmm… My kids think the same thing will get their rooms tidy!